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Spaghetti puns undertale

Okay, Pastamgic, please don't apologize for your questions, okay? It's honestly nice to have people interested enough to ask me about my world and characters. I appreciate it. There's two answers to this. Are you asking how old they were when they were turnedor how old they truly are?

When a Shifter is created, they are often "stuck" in the mindset of their age when turned. So, someone could be fifty, but continue to think and act like the teen they appear to be. The fact that they don't physically age doesn't help especially when you're an adult who wants a drink but looks twelve :P Comrade was thirteen when he was turned, and he is about fourteen, almost fifteen in the story. Jason, however, is much older.

He was seventeen when he was turned, but in reality is actually thirty-one. That will be elaborated on later in the story. I wanted Frisk to parallel the shifters, in the sense that there was very little control over their actions at times.

This is a painful, but inevitable truth that every shifter has to learn and accept. At the beginning, Frisk did a number of Neutral runs, only killing threats in fear of being hurt. They began to try and fix the problems they caused when lashing out in fear by going through the timeline again to get the better ending: the Pacifist ending. However, even when they did get that ending, the world continued to RESET, even if they didn't want it to because there was a third party that messed with this, but more on that later ; the same third party may be responsible for the lack of resets now Some resets, Frisk was in control.

Others, it was Chara.

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Sometimes Chara would take over in the middle, and sometimes Frisk would regain control again. It wasn't very nice for a particular skeleton, that's for sure XD poor Sans. He may or may not be coming into the story in the near future. He also may or may not attempt communication, only for something to distract the shifters from realizing it. The shifters watched as Ashley led Jason out. They were silent, simply looking at each other as they each took a moment to settle down after the stressful events.

No control. Second,' Tigor muttered, shooting him a challenging look, 'you don't hate meand I tried to murder her on multiple occasions when we first met. They glanced at the two remaining monsters, who sat together, the fish monster practically draping the red dinosaur monster over her lap.

Was Data flustered? The friends sat straighter, switching to their internal comm. Do what you must; I want to know exactly what the Bolts have been keeping from us! Ashley paused. We don't know what we'll find, and we don't want the ex -bolts to suspect we're up to something.

We got another problem to deal with. Darkscream paused when he felt a string of emotions through their bond. Worry was the main emotion, overbearingly so.Sans: Luke Toriel: Luke who? Sans: LUKE and guess!

Pasta Jokes

Toriel: Hahahhah good one. Do you have any more? Sans: Nope. Atleast not in this post. Whaa… Sans: Oh, nothing, just breaking the 4th wall. Toriel: Wait, what wall? Sans: Forget it. The joke belongs to me, so if you wanna use it, ask me first and credit the post. So, Toriel asks him if he would be alright with pie. Seeing as she is the head of the Royal Guard, touche, Toby.

spaghetti puns undertale

Log in Sign up. Puns with Me and My Friend. Friend He is a guy btw : SO Me: Sans,obviously! Friend: Why is he your favorite? Me: Well I guess you could say he's really SANSational. Friend: No Me: Awww,come on!Keep reading. Also, thanks so much for the support and notes! Hoisting yourself up from off the carpet, you walked back over to the couch. Just as you were about to sit on the floor and sulk by the corner, a crash the volume of a plane exploded behind you. You whipped your head around, thinking that the pet rock may have fallen off the table mysteriously; but it was just Papyrus marching into the house.

Right towards you. You let out a small yelp causing Sans to bolt awake, jumping nearly a foot high. He rubbed his skull tiredly, looking extremely annoyed, but you could care less at the moment.

You rolled your eyes, but complied. But, alas, you smiled anyways when the skeleton set you down. You wanted to faint from the vertigo, but forced yourself to stay upright until Papyrus finished speaking. Sans seemed to respect that. Your eyes widened, and you quickly brought a hand up to your mouth to keep from vomiting. Sans shrugged, and winked to his brother nonchalantly.

Releasing you like a sack of potatoes onto the ground, you just barely caught yourself from puking onto the rug. The impact of coming down was enough to make you stumble back and desperately clutch the TV.

You cringed from the noise and your motion sickness, but froze completely when Sans called back for his brother. Papyrus poked his head out from around a corner, and had a questioning look on his face. You dart your eyes back and forth between the two, and gasped when Sans asked what was for dinner. Sans flicked his pupils over to you, and snickered when he saw your look of horror. Now Sans had to go and make you eat it too? By the way Sans was treating you, it was as if he despised your mysterious knowledge about… well, everything.

You sighed, and slumped down next to the TV. You brought your knees close to your chest, and your eyelids drooped heavily. You wanted to go to sleep badly, to just drift off into a land of dreams. Away from the skelebros, away from your certain death by spaghetti, and away from your feelings of rejection. But, the more you thought about it, Undertale is your land of dreams. Why is it treating you so poorly?

The little voice in your head said. Remember how thrilled you were when you fell here in the Ruins and met Toriel? When you first met Sans and Papyrus?

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Those guys are your favorite characters! You thought sadly, but countered with the person in your mind nonetheless.You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. Undertale is a RPG video game released in Septemberwhere players control a child who accidentally fell into an underground world of monsters. One of the main characters is the skeleton Papyrus, a goofy skeleton and incompetent puzzle designer and guard.

He mentions cooking spaghetti in several scenes from the game, with the first association being a plate of spaghetti being left at the frozen town of Snowdin [1]with a note saying that the plate of spaghetti is actually a trap that stalls the player for time. Although the character as a whole became very recognizable among fans of the game, his obsession with spaghetti became one of his most well-known attributes.

The jokes saw quite a spread on a social network site Tumblr and other social network sites. View All Images. Know Your Meme is an advertising supported site and we noticed that you're using an ad-blocking solution. By using this site, you are agreeing by the site's terms of use and privacy policy and DMCA policy. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! Like us on Facebook! About "Papyrus' Spaghetti" refers to a series of jokes associating the character Papyrus from the video game Undertale with spaghetti, in reference to a dialogue from him in the game.

Origin Undertale is a RPG video game released in Septemberwhere players control a child who accidentally fell into an underground world of monsters. Papyrus' Spaghetti Uploaded by Cwitsh.

40+ Awesome Pasta Puns That Are Pasta-bly The Best Puns Ever

Papyrus' Spaghetti Uploaded by Aziz the Virgin. Papyrus' Spaghetti Uploaded by Lexicanium Coeus. Papyrus' Spaghetti Uploaded by Dreamworks.

spaghetti puns undertale

Papyrus' Spaghetti Uploaded by Johncat Top Comments Delete. Add a Comment. We see that you're using an ad-blocker! Infinite Scroll.

You must login or signup first! Already a memeber? Login Now! Don't have an account? Sign up Now!Q: Did you hear about the Italian chef that died? A: He pasta way. Q: What do blonds and spaghetti have in common? A: They both wiggle when you eat them. Q: What do Italians eat on halloween?

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A: Olive Garden Q: What would you get if you crossed pasta with a snake? A: Spaghetti that wraps itself around a fork Q: What is the difference between the female cast of the "Jersey Shore" and a plate of spaghetti?

A: Spaghetti moves when you eat it! Al-Qaeda have hidden bombs in tins of Alphabet Spaghetti. If they go off, they could spell disaster.

What does Arnold Schwarzenegger say before eating pasta? Q: What do you call a fake noodle? A: An impasta. Q: What do you call a dodgy neighbourhood in Italy? A: A Spaghetto. Q: What did Lara eat for dinner? A: Croft Macaroni and Cheese. Q: Where did the spaghetti go to dance? A: The meat ball! Q: What do you call a pasta that is sick? A: Mac and sneeze.The skeleton wanted tibia comedian, but nobody thought his puns were humerus.

If you want to say the "S" word or the "A" word, or both, say Woshua. Gaster, more like Wash. Am I rite!!! Get it, cuz when you laugh alot your sides hurt. What do you call it when you beat sans in genocide? End O' Geni. Geni is a pun on how "Geno" in "Genocide" is pronounced. Actually, it does make cents.

It makes lemon-dime sodas, a quarter a pint of coins, some pumpernickels, and penny, penny, more. Mah Pun. What did Frisk say in the genocide route after Sans tells him about the different timelines?

I guess I got an empty head, huh?

Top Undertale: Comic Dub- Spaghetti Puns by LadySiggy

Because monsters digest their food through magic and thus it presumably dissapates within their stomachs entirely thus they have no need for toilets. What do you call a pie baked by Papyrus? I guess I'm gonna spa-get-ti outta here. Heh, don't get saucy with me. Don't have a bone to pick with me either.

I'm not gonna stop, I've got a skele-ton of puns, working my self down to the bone trying to think of new ones. Also, have some more puns. Im sorry that Papyrus pasta-way in the genocide route, it really brothers Sans.

It gives him a Sad time. Wait a second that's a reference not a pun And Showing me this thread was a mistake. I would go soul -o on this but i dont have the heart to. Pun fact: my cats name is sand see previous pun.

When i first saw undyne, she scared the carp outta me. Her armor sprite looks very intunadating. A skeleton is dead and unable to move without any external force acting upon it according to newton. Thus, without any organic, mechanical or magical influence, a skeleton is unable to cross a road, hence this question is retarded. Sadly there are no eggstra large dinosaur omelettes because they are eggstinkt.

I used to know a comedian begger that has some of the lamest geggs. Eggscuse me, i need to go. Okay, I eggcept that you are eggsilirating for those eggstra large dinosaur omelettes. I hope you're eggcited! That's a comic, sans. What do you think of the following funny puns. The person who invented the door knock won the No-bell prize.

15 Pasta Puns That Will Have You Ravioling On The Floor

How did I escape Iraq?Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Undertale Store Page. Global Achievements. Sans: throws Frisk towards a wall Frisk Sans: "pal, you broke the 4th wall.

Dont judge. EDIT: Corrected the joke.

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spaghetti puns undertale

Jeezzzzzz, Undyne needs to put more Backbone into cooking and teaching Papyrus to cook. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 2 Mar am. Posts: 7.

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